Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Workshop tonight!

Well what a few days I've had!!! First of all spent a really enjoyable time at Birds in the Barn on Sunday. Hels Sheridan was there casting her little bit of magic! She is so entertaining and a very talented lady. Her style is right up my street! Love love loved what she did!!!!! That's the nice bit done with! Now we get to the rest!!! Katie was admitted to hospital Sunday with terrible back pains. Anyone who knows her will realise why it was such a worry. She is 23 weeks pregnant and after her scare a couple of weeks ago when they told her there was something wrong with the baby-she really didn't need this! Still Baby is fine and Kate is feeling alot better this morning. She has a kidney infection and they think maybe a kidney stone. Poor girl. Our little grandson/daughter is being a real little pickle!!! So after much juggling with taking Bobby to and from all his activities---- I'm so going to miss Kate when she finishes working with Bobs! - I have finally finished prepping for tonight's workshop at Homegrown Crafts. Here are the two projects we'll be doing. We may only get one done but I always like to have another ready just in case.
We will be using two stamp sets from Creative Expressions: Winter Wonderland and Christmas Post. It is actually an introduction to distress inks so as you can see I've designed a very pretty card and then a more distressed vintage tag wallet. I think its nice for those not used to distress inks to see how they can be used to suit all styles. I absolutely could not live without them!!! So many different techniques but starting simply tonight. Hope you like! TTFN Lynne XXX


Rocky said...

Love that tree card, it's so crisp. Sorry to hear things have been hectic, no chance of fitting in a visit then?!! Have a good workshop.

Lynne Gilbert said...

Yes we'll have to arrange something. Don't know how I had time to work!!!!! Give you a ring maybe next week when hopefully things have settled down! Xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

These are gorgeous Lynne. Sorry to hear Kate is poorly. I hope everything is okay with them both from now on to the end of her pregnancy and she gets over her kidney infection soon.


Shirley said...

I adore your Christmas card Lynn. The colour combination is one of my favourites. The card looks so fresh and gives the impression you are actually looking into a snow scene.fabulous.