Sunday, 18 November 2012

Every day holds the possibility of a miracle

Just a quick post tonight. Busy getting ready for a brayering workshop, something I haven't done for a while so a bit of practice is required. Don't worry ladies, everything will be all right on the night!!!! Still not quiet sure what we might be doing but I'm sure that light bulb will spring into action over the next couple of days! Katie is still not feeling well. Back to see the Doc tomorrow because she has completed her course of antibiotics and still in pain! Bobby and I really miss her! So I'm off to Music, Knit and natter, pottery, bowling and dancing tomorrow! Doesn't leave me much prep time does it? Decided to post a piccie of a canvas we did at craft club earlier in the year. Everyone really enjoyed this project. Some not too keen on getting their fingers messy but there were some really lovely creations.
This second picture is another craft club project. Again another favourite with the ladies.
Sorry about the quality of the photos. I blame it on the camera (old one) not of course the photographer!!! While I'm here, just wanted to let you know about the new Creative Expressions Project Book. It will be appearing in Retailers shortly, priced at £4.99. Really good value for money, so why not give it a try?! Hope you all have a good week. TTFN Lynne


Hels Sheridan said...

your art is amazing Lynne... you should teach classes... I would do them both :O) Enjoy your busy day hunny... oh and congrats on being published, may it be the first of many x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Two gorgeous projects that I seem to have missed. Lol!!! Hope you do not wear yourself to a frazzle and make yourself ill sweetie.


Shirley said...

Two brilliant projects Lynn. I am gutted that I missed the home circle hanger. I think I can work out how to make it so I will give it a go.