Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Craft Den Workshop

Hi folks. I know, long time since I posted. New Years resolution!!!!- Post more regularly. See how I go with that one. The diet one doesn't seem to last any longer than a week, same with the 'keeping the craft room tidy' one!!!! Still, I can only try.
Anyhow, thought I would post piccies of the two projects we did at The Craft Den, Wisbech. We had a great time and thanks to Terri for keeping me fed and watered. Love those sausage, bacon and tomato rolls. Yummy!!! I could just eat one now!
We also made some lovely flowers which I will show you tomorrow.
Hope you like these. The easel card has a box for post it notes, and the other card is a slider. Great fun to make.
Take care

Lynne X


Rocky said...

Love the slider card. My New Year resolution is to not make any, then I can't break them!!

Hels Sheridan said...

hello sweetie... first of all THANK YOU... for being such a darling this weekend and for giving me the lift back yesterday, you are a star! Secondly... I hope your poor feet are now back to normal... and thirdly, WOW, I LOVE those cards... they are absolutely stunning and it is so FAB to be able to see the lovely art you make! Hope we can get together soon... thanks again... lotsa love xxx

shamraiz said...

I can see why she liked
it so much it's a beautiful little card. Glad to hear you are better. Hope things are good.