Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Wedding invitations

After lots of deliberation and lots of samples, Tony and Sammy finally agreed on the design. They had to be black and orange with no silver on them! The bridesmaid dresses are black with an orange sash. Very unussual, but I'm sure they will look stunning.

This is how the cards will look when finished. I'm ready now to start assembling them!

100 black and 100 orange dicut hearts. 100 scalloped dicut squares!!!

100 wallet inserts to hold the reply cards!!!

100 scalloped and embossed white cards with scalloped and embossed black inserts!!!

I'm so pleased I've finally reached this stage! As soon as they are finished I will let you know. At the moment I am concentrating on making some samples for next weeks craft club. Treasure boxes and Exploding boxes. will post some pictures when I can.
Love Lynne. X

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Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

These invitations are gorgeous, they are really elegant and classy and your son and daughter-in-law Im sure must be really pleased with them! - I guess now you have everything cut out and in place putting them together wont be too bad! - I'd offer my help, if I could!!

All the best for the craft club too.

lol Maria