Monday, 8 September 2008

Childrens craft party

I so enjoyed it! Had some very positive feedback from the parents. Apparantly some were very impressed with what their children were able to produce and may be interested for their own childrens party. I'm so pleased.
The party was for Sophie's 11th Birthday. She had invited 8 friends and had chosen to make a 'Friends' Scrapbook. It took a lot of preparation which I thoroughly enjoyed. I made a personalised Party bag for each girl and each contained the basic scrapbook for decoration, along with lots of embellishments. Pens, glue, glitters, scissors etc were all on the tables to share. All except one, had brought photographs along with them and they were all keen to get started. I had prepared some little extra projects in case they finished quickly, but it took most girls the whole 3 hours with a break for lunch.
Sophie and Abigail (her sister) are lovely girls, and all Sophie's friends were very well behaved. I gave Sophie a small gift for her Birthday and a handmade card.
I will be downloading some photo's to my Blog in the next couple of days.
I would love to do more parties like this. If there is anyone reading this who thinks their child may enjoy a party with a difference, then please contact me for details.
Tel: 07921 707798

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