Friday, 3 October 2008


After posting on the Particraft forum HERE about my addiction to marquetry, a couple of people have asked to see my work. I have only completed 3 pictures and having spent 2 years on the next one I am almost finished. As you can see, it is a very slow craft although there are plenty of members who work a lot faster than me!!! In brief, marquetry is the art of producing designs using different wood veneers. A background is chosen and the design traced onto it. then windows are cut out of the design and replaced with different veneers. the veneer chosen depends on the area it is depicting. dyed veneers can be used but I tend to use only natural ones.
My next project is planned to be a pendulum clock. I bought the clock face and chimes 2years ago and I am still not completly sure of the design I want for it!
The photo is of my last piece which won first place in the Intermediate class of the National, which takes place every year. I hope to complete the one I'm doing now to enter in next years National. I have also cone a Jack Vetrianni picture which came 2nd in the Beginners class.

If you find this interesting you can visit the Marquetry site for more detailed info and to see some of this years entries. HERE

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Lynne. XXX


Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

In a word WOW!

What a unique craft! - and what incredible patience you must have!

Fantastic, well done

Lol Maria x

Mo said...

What a great picture. You must have fantastic patience. Well done. Mo x